Machine Quilting & Embroidery Class
John C. Campbell Folk School
April 1 - 7, 2007

Class Description
Let your creative self escape the confines of traditional quilting and embroidery.  Enrich your quilts ad sewing projects with free-form machine quilting and embroidery, fabric manipulation, appliqué and other techniques - all by machine!  Learn methods that don't intimidate, but inspire.  We'll make small projects (handbags, wall hanging, etc.) with all the techniques covered in the class.  Knowledge of sewing machine operation is essential.

Information for enrolled students . . .


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What have prior students made during this class? 
  The main goal of this class is to introduce a variety of machine techniques, so much of the class is devoted to practice on samples.  After gaining experience with the techniques, students have made projects such as handbags, small wall hangings, table runners, and pillows.  Click here to see examples of student work from past classes.

Q: The supply list calls for "large print fabric," what do you mean by that?
A:  Click here to see samples of fabrics that would work well.  Notice that the samples prints are relatively simple and close together.  Avoid very complicated images and designs with large open background spaces.

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